Webinar "Hazard Mitigation and GIS"

Kevin J. Mickey

Kevin Mickey is the Director of Professional Development for The Polis Center at IUPUI. He has over 27 years of consulting experience with multiple federal agencies as well as many state and local government, private sector, academic, and not-for-profit entities. For much of his career he has been focused on directing and supporting projects that include the creation of geospatial tools and workflows related to natural hazard risk. He has offered presentations, training and consulting services addressing a variety of topics in over 100 cities in 36 states and 10 countries. He has been a lead instructor since 2003 for the FEMA Emergency Management Institute. He is the Immediate Past Chair of the Multihazard Mitigation Council of the National Institute of Building Sciences; a recent URISA Board member and current education committee chair; and a current Board member of the Indiana Geographic Information Council.


The power of nature to produce economic and social devastation has been demonstrated far too often in the past few years. As floods, earthquakes, fires, and other natural hazards continue to impact the communities where we live the importance of having data and tools such as GIS to understand and mitigate risks is becoming ever more important. During this webinar you will learn about creative ways that GIS is being applied by federal, state and local emergency management researchers and practitioners in support of hazard identification, risk analysis, and communication. The presenter will also offer suggestions for steps that can be taken to better leverage state and local data to inform emergency management processes. 

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